Like a fine-tuned machine, our bodies are made to be in motion. We require regular exercise to stay in top form; not only physically, but mentally as well. Proper maintenance is needed to keep our bodies and minds young and resilient. Getting in shape and staying fit is a major concern for most people. Not only does it help us live longer, but regular exercise promotes physical and mental well being. From Yoga to Pilates, the different types of exercises keep you motivated and help you balance work with play. Not only does exercise make you look better and feel better, but it might even help you live a longer life. It’s easier than you might think. Regardless of age, gender or physical capabilities, there are exercises you can do and feel the benefits.


The Benefits of Exercise

To begin with, exercise helps you control your weight, which can be a big issue as we age due to lack of time, stress, as well as hormonal changes. Another fantastic reason to get active is the health benefits. Regular exercise is proven to help combat cardiovascular disease and certain types of diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes. Combined with a heart-healthy diet, you are on your way to healthier days and possibly adding years onto your life.


Besides giving you an energy boost throughout the day, regular exercise boosts your mood. When we exercise, our body releases certain chemicals, which make you feel happier and generally calmer. Probably, you will better every time you exercise and this definitely is a confidence and self-esteem booster. Thirty minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise is all it takes to feel great!


Regular exercise also promotes sleep, which is more restorative. With regular exercise, you are able to fall asleep faster and sleep better. When we are able to fall into deep sleep, our bodies restore and replenish the energy used throughout the day. That’s a win-win situation. No more dark circles!


Besides the physical benefit of regular exercise, it also helps put that spark back into your love life. When you exercise on a regular basis, you have more energy and feel better about your physical appearance. Another positive note for the ladies is that it helps with enhanced sexual arousal. Additionally, men who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.


With all this positive insight, there is one more factor to take into consideration, and that is exercise can be fun. No longer are we slaving away on a treadmill for hours bored out of our minds. From swimming, dancing, spinning classes and many many more types of exercise, we can get in shape and stay fit, all the while enjoying ourselves.


So what are you waiting for? A great goal to start with is 30 minutes a day of physical activity, and remember, it does not need to be all at one time. Taking a 15-minute walk at lunch and another on your break will put you in the right direction. You can also do exercise while at work. For example, seated leg lifts and reverse crunches at your desk are simple to do and most everyone can do them. So get your butts off the couch and hands off your mobile phones. Leave your Mobile Legends game for a while and get your bodies moving. A little exercise will definitely go a long way in your physical health.